Dartmoor Moss, Willow & Royal Jasmine Tea Candle

$ 50.00

Dartmoor Moss, Willow and Royal Jasmine Tea fragrance is steeped in the renowned fragrances of England over the centuries. Deep in the royal forest of Dartmoor is the a beautiful section covered in the earthy, richness of moss, which meets with the equally earthy, woody fragrance of the willow tree; commonly found throughout the countryside. The floral jasmine with it's subtle and aromatic blends with a white tea then comes together to create a truly unique, luxurious fragrance.

                 •  Dartmoor Moss, Willow and Royal Jasmine Tea
                 •  10.5 oz | 65 hour burn time
                 •  Soy wax blend
                 •  Beautiful pewter, linen-embossed box with satin gray ribbon
                 •  Made in the United States of America

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