This Leonardo de Vinci quote perfectly sums up my decorating philosophy “Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication.”  Keep rooms simple with a few beautiful unique pieces paired with comfortable clean lined furniture.   When adding on a room’s finishing accents, we often clutter our rooms with too many accessories forgetting that less is more.

Here are some tips for keeping rooms simple:

  • Keep the coffee table neat and clean with a few arranged objects that become the

central attraction of the table. Some of my favorites include a unique tray or a stack

of design books topped with a simple glass vase or candle.

  • Use throw pillows for a pop of color but make sure to not over do the pillows. As

much as I love pillows, too many can make the sofa look messy and uninviting for

guests to sit and enjoy.

  • Instead of using overgrown houseplants, use a delicate succulent or orchid in a

distinctive vase to brighten up your room.  A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in a beautiful basket

can also spruce up a dreary corner.

  • Highlight your mantle or walls with a stunning piece of art or a striking mirror to

create a focal point for the room. Avoid too many competing wall hangings or pieces

that are not a correct scale for the space.

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